GoLakeChelan.com is Offline

GoLakeChelan.com is saddened to announce that we are currently offline and out of business. 

This summer and fall, Go Lake Chelan partnered on a project in which the company (GLC) was heavily invested. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Go Lake Chelan had no choice but to pull our support for the project in November 2017 which resulted in a significant financial loss. Along with being heavily invested in our new studio, which was on track with customers developing their own channels and just taking off, we had no choice but to close.

The company has attempted over the past couple months to work through this situation and try to stabilize.  Unfortunately, however, Go Lake Chelan is unable to recover financially.  

Go Lake Chelan and its staff have been honored to serve this community, and it is with great sadness that the company is forced to close. 

Thank you to all of you who have supported Go Lake Chelan as both readers and customers. I would also like to thank those specific individuals who have written to share their concerns and offers to assist. You are greatly appreciated.

~ Todd Kelly, Owner GoLakeChelan.com




All correspondence should be sent to: LakeChelanStudios@gmail.com


mailed to: PO BOX 2947, Chelan WA 98816

My company email and cell phone number will be shutoff on January 24th 2018.

Please use the contact methods above to communicate.